Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fun and Profit with the Google Checkout API

Fun and Profit with the Google Checkout API

XML 2006, Tuesday, 3:30pm

Presenter: Patrick Chanezon, API Evangelist - Google Checkout, Google (http://wordpress.chanezon.com/)

There are lots of Google APIs (http://code.google.com)

Why did Google create Google Checkout?

  • 63% of shopping carts are abandoned after beginning checkout
  • only 8% of all retail purchases are expected to occur online in 2006
  • cumbursome to fill out all information for each vendor
Google Checkout API

2 levels of integration:
  • Level 1: post shopping carts (taxes, shipping, coupons)
  • Level 2: merchant calculations, order management, 2-way API
Seller checkout demo: http://checkout.google.com/seller/demo.html


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