Thursday, December 07, 2006



Presenter: Michael Kay, Technical Director, Saxonica Limited (

Case Study 1: UI Management

  • Online banking application
  • 400+ different output screens (but all look very similar)
First approach would be to use xsl:import to import common functionality into each of the 400 distinct stylesheets. This is not very good, though.

Another approach: FXSL (not available at the time). Provides functions as first-class objects. Higher-order programming.

Actual solution:
  • Started with a master "meta stylesheet" that contained descriptions of all individual screens and business rules.
  • This was processed to produce the many distinct stylesheets required for each page.

Case Study 2: Excel-to-XML conversion

Spreadsheet -> Raw XML -> Sanitized XML -> Semantic XML

Solution: A mini transformation language (XLEX)
  • Describes structure of the spreadsheet and the mapping to XML elements and attributes.
Case Study 3: report generator

Orbeon pipeline:

XForms processor -> XSLT transform -> XQuery (w/ XML DB) -> XSLT transform -> XHTML

Case Study 4: Schema Generator

Didn't understand this one.


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