Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Web Publishing 2.0

Web Publishing 2.0

XML 2006, Wednesday, 11:15am

Presenter: Jason Hunter, Principal Technologist, Mark Logic Corporation (

This session was very well attended (standing room only). The first two keynotes of the conference were mainly about XQuery.

If we're moving toward Web 2.0, what does that mean for web publishing?

  • Increasing content sizes (more public/private content, more government content)
  • Increasing user expectations
  • Standardization on XML (Web, blogs, books, articles, citations)
Major Trends

  • People want Answers, not Links
  • (O'Reilly code search)
  • Two ways to make more money: a) create more content, b) do more with the content you have
Custom Publishing

O'Reilly custom book site - allows you to create your own "book", say for a college class, from fragments of many books. $0.16/page.

Content in Context - research references to medicine in the conclusion sections of journal articles with the words "contraindicated", "avoid", etc.

Emphasis on Google
  • Fear: Owning the content, the user
  • Opportunity: Better search
  • Opportunity: Instant AdSense registration
  • Opportunity: Personalized landing pages
User Participation
  • We're feeling our way forward
  • people have dreams, but aren't sure what sill work and what won't
  • must be agile in design, in development, and in business
  • The Red Queen Paradox: you must run as fast as you can just to stay in place


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