Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What Powers Web2.0 Mashups

What Powers Web2.0 Mashups

XML 2006, Wednesday, 1:30pm

Presenter: Dan Theurer, Technical Evangelist, Yahoo! Inc. (

Why Web Services?
  • (contest winner at Yahoo's Hackday '06)
  • Enable users to consume data in their own way
Companies Yahoo has acquired in the past year:
  • flickr
  • upcoming
  • jumpcut
What is REST(ful)?

A stateless client/server protocol:each HTTP message contains all the information necessary to understand the request. As a result, neither hte client nor the server needs to remember any communication state between messages.

Real World Mashups
Authentication Web Services

BBAuth Developer Credentials Sign-up

Developer Candy

Javascript User Interface Library
  • A collection of JfavaScript libraries you can use in your Web development (complex UI controls, a cross-browser Ajax library, connection, event, drag-drop and more)
  • Update frequently
  • Docs available
Design Patterns on the Web
  • Auto-complete
  • breadcrumbs
  • drag and drop
  • tabs (module/navigation)
  • rating an object
  • pagination (objects/pages)
  • writing a review
Application Gallery


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